Rob Severini's Roving Musicians

Rob Severini's Roving Musicians
Rob Severini's Roving Musicians

As the founder and driving force behind Rob Severini's Roving Musicians, Rob's creative portfolio has become a mainstay of many major events.

With a regular client list including Crown Casino, Athenaeum Club, Conrad Jupiter Casino, National Gallery of Victoria, Pirelli Australia and Lygon Festa, he is in high demand for his creative concepts and wide variety of performance skills including comedian, musician, producer, creative writer, arranger and problem solver.

With over thirty years of professional experience, Rob calls himself the 'safety net' considering his musical journey spans almost 40 years, 15 countries and over 5000 ‘live’ performances and currently with appearances at more than 200 major events each year. With his modus operandi of 'engage the audience, gain their trust and take them on a journey', he is equally comfortable behind a microphone or performing on the main stage. His friendly nature, flexible approach and ability to use comedy to motivate the audience always ensures a great outcome.

The Godfathers

Rob Severini's Roving Musicians | The Godfathers From the hot sun of southern Italy, through to the busy streets of New York’s little Italy, now have arrived in Australia. The sound of Italy’s beautiful, romantic and exiting songs are here.

Make them an offer that they can’t refuse. You will be pleasantly surprised! The Godfathers bring the best of Italian traditional music to Australia. The music that you have only heard in movies is now here to enjoy live and unplugged.

Just how ‘Don Corleone’ would have loved it.

Merry Melodies

Rob Severini's Roving Musicians | Merry Melodies Are you after a bit of festive cheer at your upcoming event... then let our festive roving musicians entertain you with a range of Christmas Carols in English, Italian & Latin.


Rob Severini's Roving Musicians | The Romans THE ROMANS is a traditional roaming style group with an extensive choice of costumes ranging from Centurions to Emperors to Slaves and embarks on a musical journey of classic Italian tunes and familiar melodies. This fabulous ensemble is led by the ROMAN himself Robert Severini, a name well know to the arts and musical community. Rob’s theory is very simple, when it comes to the ROMANS... ‘Let’s have some fun’ he says, ‘and enjoy the melody of these great classics’.

THE ROMANS deliver an extensive repertoire using their combined skills and experience developed though decades of work in the professional music scene, both in Australia and abroad. There are not many tunes that these guys don’t know!

This outfit is indisputably Australia’s most authentic and unique group in today’s market place, offering a colourful and sophisticated ambience to your event without becoming intrusive at any time. Their appearance is testament to their authenticity and adds the perfect touch to a classic dinner party, cocktail event or music festival.

The ‘Happy Rollers’

Rob Severini's Roving Musicians | The 'Happy Rollers' Hey Daddy-O!

The chicks are jumping, and the cats are cruising and your feet are twitching, the ‘Happy Rollers' are in town.

Decked out to the max, the ‘Happy Rollers’ take you on a musical journey down memory lane. No matter if a trio or duo, you will enjoy the 'Happy Rollers’ ride from Memphis to LA.

The ‘Dixie Dukes’

Rob Severini's Roving Musicians | The ‘Dixie Dukes’ The ‘Dukes of Dixie’ are in town.

Enjoy the Dixie ride from New York to New Orleans.

Dixieland, Swing or Jive, you will want to click your fingers and sing along.

Los Latinos Mariachi

Rob Severini's Roving Musicians | Los Latinos Mariachi It’s Fiesta time when the Mariachi play their music... ‘i vamos a divertirnos’ it’s time to dance and have fun...

Los Latinos Mariachi will bring you the best of Spanish music and Culture to your event. Bringing Mexican, Spanish music and Culture for all family to enjoy...

Duos, Trios and Quartet are available in various instruments combinations.

Songs like: La Cucaracha, La Paloma, Cucuruccucu Paloma, Celito Lindo. Mexican Hat Dance, Guantanamera, Adios Amor and many more...

Les Baguettes

Rob Severini's Roving Musicians | Les Baguettes ‘Vive la France’, vive la belle vie, au d'oeuvres, croissant.

You will never find anything as romantic, fulfilling or pleasurable as ‘Les Baguettes’. Taste the flavour of France, the inspiration of Paris or a romantic walk through the gardens of Versailles all possible through the music of ‘Les Baguettes”.

Alternative instruments combinations are feasible to complement the finest atmosphere like the finest champagne.


Rob Severini's Roving Musicians | Gondoliers Welcome to Venice Gondoliers.

Let us serenade you on the Canal Grande and take to your favourite musical destination, with an amazing selection of classic favourites.

The romantic Gondoliers will serenade you like a Gondola on the waves of Venice’s canals, reminiscent of beautiful Venice nights and Venice’s Carnevale.

Aloha With Love

Rob Severini's Roving Musicians | Aloha With Love It is time light up the fire and get the party going. Or maybe spread some love Hawaiian style...

‘Aloha with love’ bring you the romantic music of Hawaii and the rhythmic waves of Polynesia right to your door step.

No matter if a Duo or Trio you will be amazed by the costumes and the island friendliness.

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