Cocker Happy - The Australian Joe Cocker Show

Cocker Happy - The Australian Joe Cocker Show

Now you can revisit the experience that was Joe Cocker, through the exciting concept band Cocker Happy.

George GraylandGeorge Grayland has always presented with an uncanny resemblance to the late great Joe Cocker, a likeness that caught the attention of the legend himself, resulting in numerous meetings between George and his idol Joe both here and overseas. It was inevitable that George Grayland and his idol likeness Joe Cocker would one day combine for the ultimate tribute… presenting Cocker Happy.

From the early days of “The Letter” through to his last concert “Fire It Up”, from the haunting “You Are So Beautiful” to the raunchy “Leave Your Hat On”, Cocker Happy gives you the music, gives you the man, gives you the legend that is Joe Cocker. Cocker Happy’s nine piece show band combines talents boasting over 150 years of music experience, performing in bands such as Bone Lazy, Living Proof, Half a Bar, Loaded Dice, Side Valve Rock and tribute concepts covering Elvis, The Rolling Stones and Prince.

George is joined by Stuart Wyatt on Keys, Nick Burgess on Bass, Dave Hailes on Lead guitar, Rohan Gray on Drums and percussion, Peter Kaighan on tenor Sax (and keys), Gary Sanders on bass Sax, and introducing the Sisters of Soul - Ali Lane and Andrea Lees on backing vocals.

What it comes down to for us” remarks George, “is that we really love what we’re doing, and we’ve brought a lot of people something they really dig too.” “Exactly,” agrees Nick, “We’ve met so many people who say ‘this is the kind of music I love, why is nobody else playing it?’ that we wouldn’t want to do anything else.

- An extract from Pearl Music Magazine

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